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Emerging Leaders

Programmes 2021

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Global Emerging Leaders is a virtual leadership development training program that brings together senior managers from public and private organisations internationally to learn, develop and practise new leadership skills.

The program evolved from the success of the UK & Canada Emerging Leaders programme, a co-creation of Forbes executive coaches

Mimi Moore and Julian Saipe.

After a 12-month series of programmes with participants from the

Government of Canada and blue-chip firms from US, UK, Europe and beyond, the demand for the program was such that a decision was made to open the possibility to emerging leaders from across the globe.

This virtual classroom experience has been designed to provide current and emerging leaders with a unique development framework, and a confidential space for a  shared learning experience which will continue to serve participants throughout their career.

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Facilitated leadership development workshops. 

Individual coaching sessions with certified coaches. 

Self-facilitated small group discussion.

Peer-coaching and small group reflection. 

Associated reading and media lists, and learning and development journal.


Develop, improve and future-proof leadership skills.

Create a personal authentic brand and build greater leadership presence.

Uncover performance gaps and fulfil leadership potential.

Discover tools for balance, resilience, compassion and self-care.

Learn with a diverse group of international executives, and build an enduring network of mutual support.

Complete the programme equipped with an action plan to build a personal leadership profile.

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Who is eligible?

Leaders ambitious to grow in their roles.

Executives carrying the hopes and the goals of their department or company.

Self-aware leaders and emerging talent who are open and ready to discover new ways to make an impact.

Leaders who recognise that the needs and expectations of the people around them are changing.

Those of us who are keen to thrive and connect with our full potential.

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Week 1-2

See dates below

Facilitated workshop to include;

  • What is leadership?

  • Who am I?

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-awareness & the performance gap

  • Learning & change

1-2-1 executive coaching session

Small group discussion

Reading, and Learning Journal

Week 3-4

Interpersonal - 

Leading with a coaching methodology

See dates below

Facilitated workshop to include;

  • Self-management

  • The leader as coach

  • A new conversation

  • Coaching frameworks, techniques and practice

  • Learning and hope

1-2-1 executive coaching session

Peer coaching

Reading, and Learning Journal

Week 5-6

Leading teams &


See dates below

Facilitated workshop to include;

  • Leadership and culture

  • The leader as facilitator

  • Trust and collective wisdom

  • Team dysfunctions

  • Courageous conversations

  • Learning and actions

1-2-1 executive coaching session

Small group discussion

Reading, and Learning Journal


The Emerging Leaders Programme was absolutely brilliant. I approached the course with an open mind but was still blown away by just how mind-expanding the content and the sessions were. I would highly recommend all of the coaches and I will be recommending this course for others in my business.

Business Partner, Global Gaming Company


Coaches & Facilitators

With over 50 years of combined commercial experience, Mimi MooreJulian SaipeBruce Stewart bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to help talented individuals perform to their potential. Their balanced approach helps leaders to leverage their strengths and identify for themselves areas for development and growth

Mimi is an authentic leader with a unique blend of dynamism and empathy. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is keen to help and challenge executives of all levels to grow – and to take pride in what they do!  The value she brings is derived from the leadership awareness and insight she has gained throughout her career which spans over 25 years in both the public and private sectors.

Julian is a leader, entrepreneur and coach with a proven track record. His work inspires new consciousness around human performance, and creates a sharing environment of wisdom derived from many years in business and humanistic psychology practise. Julian brings warmth and presence to all his conversations, and enjoys helping high performers achieve their full potential.

Bruce’s coaching practice and learning, combined with the wisdom and experience gained growing and managing teams and companies, has made him realise that effective coaching skills can be positively life changing. He is passionate about the value that coaching can offer both to the coach and the coached. He brings empathy, humour and positive energy to the programmes.

2021 Dates & Prices

Prices are based on an all-inclusive cost per person.

Programme One

Workshop Dates 

Thursday 18 February

Thursday 11 March

Thursday 21 March   

£2,999 + VAT

Programme Two

Workshop Dates 

Friday 19 February

Friday 12 March

Friday 31 March 

£2,999 + VAT

Programme Three 

Workshop Dates 

Thursday 13 May

Thursday 3 June

Thursday 24 June 

£2,999 + VAT

Programme Four

Workshop Dates 

Friday 14 May

Friday 4 June 

Friday 25 June  

£2,999 + VAT

Programme Five

Workshop Dates 

Thursday 14 October

Thursday 4 November 

Thursday 25 November

£2,999 + VAT

Programme Six

For C-Suite Executives

Workshop Dates 

Friday 15 October

Friday 5 November 

Friday 26 November 

£3,999 + VAT

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