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At the helm of my former Company for over 15 years,

I overcame the challenges of leadership with the help of a coach.

What at the time seemed impossible soon transformed into new resolve,

an award-winning brand, and an empowered management team.  

The business grew into one of London's premium luxury services companies, and following its acquisition in 2018, I made my exit. 

I am constantly drawn to the power of coaching and how it enables us to find presence of mind, purpose, and fulfillment. 

I now work with ambitious entrepreneurs, business leaders, and senior teams.

I continue to marvel at the changes that take place

when new self-knowledge leads to greater self-belief, action and results. 

I am grateful to all my many teachers along the way.

Julian Saipe, Founder and Leadership Coach,

Member of the Forbes Coaches Council 

Keynote Speech,
Global Emerging Leaders Programme

Sat on the Rocks

"A master lives in the world of transformation, not one of loss and gain"

Dr John De Martini

Thought-Based Approach

We come to coaching from three fundamental spaces;

the individual's desired outcomes and vision of success,

the internal landscape and the present,

creativity and the gateway to new self-awareness, purpose and resolve.

Success comes when our potential and intention resonate as one,

and when we  are mindful of the internal resistance

that sometimes stands in our way.


Performance & Results

Envisioning success
Goal setting
Solutions focussed outcomes
Personal ROI


Creativity & 

Creating new awareness and space
Changing embedded behaviours 
Unlocking potential 
Embodying change and fulfilment

Aerial Lake House


Leadership Development 
Team Coaching 
Conflict Resolution

Paper Craft

Training & 

Emerging Leaders Programme
Talent Development
Coaching Training and Supervision
Psychodrama and Bodywork



We brought Julian onboard to coach the management team at Fego. It was an invaluable exercise for everyone involved and for the group as a whole.

Julian really helped everyone clarify what they wanted from their careers,

what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how Fego fits into it.

We saw huge improvements in morale, individual performances,

and from the performance of the team as a whole.

CEO, Fego

Leadership & Coaching Podcasts

Behind The Screen

Executive coaches Joella Bruckshaw and Julian Saipe share leadership insights with high profile leaders. In this series of impromptu discussions, Joella and Julian, along with their invited guests, discuss success, the characteristics we choose to reveal, and those we choose to keep behind the screen. Expect thoughts on leadership, performance, authenticity and having fun.

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